4 Modern Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles for Your Kitchen Update

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4 Modern Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles

Modern Kitchen

Updating your kitchen is a project that can make the busiest room in your home feel new again, but a professional kitchen remodel may not be in your budget or something you are looking for. If you’re looking for a big change on a smaller budget, re-dooring your existing cabinets could be the perfect solution. Or, if you want to upgrade your kitchen and would prefer to be more hands-on, re-dooring is the perfect DIY project.

Replacing your outdated cabinet doors with a modern style can give you the wow factor of a kitchen update at a fraction of the cost of a remodel. Consider these 4 modern kitchen cabinet door styles for your kitchen transformation.

1. Shaker Cabinet Doors

Both timeless and modern, Shaker-style cabinet doors are always a popular choice for their clean lines and capability to match practically any style of decor. These doors are formed like a basic frame with edges surrounding an inset panel. If you are looking for more detail for your cabinet doors, other flat panel door styles can offer the added details while still following the inset panel look of the shaker cabinet door. A variety of wood types, colours, and finishes means these popular cabinet doors always have the chance to look original.

2. Slab Cabinet Doors

Modern kitchens are all about minimalism and simplicity. Slab cabinet doors have no center panel or frame, which provides a minimalistic look as the cabinet door appears to be made of one solid piece of material.

This simple design makes slab doors easy to create from a variety of materials, including laminate, wood, and Thermofoil. The completely smooth surface is optimal for a variety of colours and finishes and a breeze to keep clean.

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3. Heritage Cabinet Doors

Sometimes called raised panel doors, these doors have a raised panel in the centre that adds more detail to your kitchen cabinetry. If you’re seeking a more ornamental or formal look for your kitchen, raised panel doors have more detail than some contemporary cabinet doors and still offer plenty of versatility. The raised panel in the centre of the door offers depth and can be accented with the exact level of detail you prefer for the inner frame. Modern raised panel cabinet doors paired with the perfect colour for your decor can be the finishing touch for your contemporary kitchen.

4. Beaded Cabinet Doors

If you’re seeking a cottage or country-style look for your new kitchen, beadboard is the answer. The centre panel of these country-chic cabinet doors is made to look like traditional beadboard paneling. With your choice of colour, finish, and just the right fixtures, beaded cabinet doors can be as decorative or crisp and modern as you want them to be.

Thermofoil & Laminate Cabinetry

Thermofoil and laminate cabinetry is an attractive and durable option at a lower price point than many other options. A great choice for easy clean-up, thermofoil and laminate cabinet doors are a good choice for messy areas due to their resistance to staining. Available in a variety of finishes, thermofoil and laminate cabinet doors can be a great option for almost any style of kitchen. Thermofoil and laminate cabinetry is perfect for a family who is looking to modernize their home at a fraction of the cost while having the ability to last through tough messes.

Changing the appearance of your kitchen cabinets can give your entire kitchen a much-needed facelift. Whether the style of your cabinets is outdated, they don’t match your decor, or you simply want a change, re-dooring your cabinets can give you the modern kitchen you’ve been dreaming of. Are you planning to make modern changes to your kitchen? Get in touch with the cabinet experts at Cabinet Refacing to Go to create your dream kitchen.

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