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8 Bathroom Cabinet Trends for 2022

white and wooden modern bathroom cabinets

Upgrading your bathroom cabinets? Take a look at these up-and-coming trends for 2022 to get ahead of the curve and have a bathroom that will be the envy of every guest. 

1. Warm Colours 

Bathroom cabinet colour trends in 2022 are leaning towards warm colours to match the overall emphasis on colour and warmth in bathroom décor. Choose bright shades of orange, red and yellow. While you might think of green, blue and purple as “cold,” you can actually find warm versions of these hues too. The warm undertones will make the bathroom feel warmer and more comfortable. 

2. Natural Wood 

One of the most interesting new trends in bathroom cabinets is using natural wood. With the proper finish, wood can stand up to the moist conditions in a bathroom. The wood also lends a natural, earthy feel to the bathroom, which can help make it a more relaxing space. 

3. Floating Cabinets 

It would be hard to overlook this bathroom cabinet style. A floating vanity has no connection to the floor. It is mounted to the wall instead and appears to be floating off the floor. This is a very modern look that takes up less space on the floor and can make it easier to clean the floors. They’re elegant, without being cluttered. 

4. Furniture-Look  

Looking to add some luxury to your bathroom? Furniture-style cabinets are a great way to accomplish that. These are larger cabinets with clear legs and, sometimes, open shelving spots. They can look almost like miniature versions of elegant coffee tables. 

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5. Open Shelving 

While there is a focus on privacy in bathrooms which usually means you need some shelving to have doors, but not all shelves. Having a few open shelves in your bathroom can give you that spa feeling, where your fluffiest towels, prettiest soaps, and best-smelling candles are all on display. 

6. Mirror Cabinets 

It can be hard to assess the trajectory of this trend, just because mirror cabinets are hidden. But trust us, this one is still worthy of being a trend. It is great to have hidden storage and make use of the extra space behind the mirror, that you can’t otherwise use for anything. 

7. Traditional Handles 

While there will always be some emphasis on clean hardware for modern bathrooms, we are noticing more and more traditional, intricate handles on cabinets. It’s part of an overall trend to add more detail and move away from some aspects of minimalism in interior décor. If it seems like a lot to add detailed handles, you can split them, adding half in a more intricate style and half that are a little more paired down, such as a simple knob. 

8. White and Grey 

Are you taking a big risk on the colours of your bathroom? Not sure if you’ll want to repaint it in a few years or not? Then you’re best off capitalizing on the trend of white or grey bathroom cabinets. 

Are you looking to modernize your bathroom cabinets? Contact our team today. 

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