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6 Kitchen Cabinet Colour Trends

Dark Grey kitchen

One of the easiest updates you can do to make over your kitchen is to update the colour of your kitchen cabinets. You create a whole new look that brings your kitchen up to date with minimum investment, but a maximum wow factor. Here we look at six kitchen cabinet colour ideas that are changing the face of kitchens in 2021.

1. Shades of Grey

The beauty of grey is you can take it to the level of colour you prefer. Bold greys are deep and rich, with a modern look that provides an instant upgrade. This moody feel is dramatic, and pleasing to the eye, setting a tone that balances well with modern kitchen trends in appliances and countertops. If you tip the colour scale in the other direction, opting for a more delicate, pale grey, you embrace the new white for kitchens.

Grey is taking over as the preferred neutral, creating a refreshed take on the monochromatic kitchen colour scheme. You can get the moodier feel of the darker grey cabinet while sticking to the traditions of the neutral monochromatic look. While deep greys create drama, pale greys create a sense of calm.

2. Sage Green

This is a very traditional colour making a name for itself as a colour trend for 2021. This hint of nature rides the perfect balance between old and new, taking cues from nature, yet keeping on trend with the feel of greys. As a result, you get a lovely earthy tone that is soft, yet traditional making it an excellent choice for kitchens with more historic designs. It’s a little more country than it is rock and roll, with traditional nuances that make a homey statement.

3. Soft Blue

If green is not your scene, opt for soft blue. It shares that same timeless feel as a historic sage green, but leans more towards the neutrality of white kitchen cabinets. Blue tends to read cleaner in its crispness, adding a barely-there wisp of colour while remaining true to its soothing roots. If you want to stray from white, but not so far, your colour becomes overly saturated, pale blue provides all the neutrality with a hint of modern aesthetics.

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White Kitchen

Daring Matte Black

If you want to go bold, but worry about it being too much, matte black offers a softness that is not as startling. The matte helps mute the black allowing it to remain dramatic, but more subtle. When combined with white you achieve the ultimate contrast, using black to ground cabinets and white for walls and counters. If you want a less modern look, matte black still works, especially when paired with a mix of wood finish cabinets.

5. Pretty in Pink

Despite its distinctly feminine feel, pink envelopes the home with a feeling of warmth, while remaining quite neutral. In kitchens, pinks verging on browns tend to be closer to terracotta than cotton candy. These earthier pinks go beautifully in kitchens where you were tempted to settle for beige. They have the same earthy feel, yet bring a hint of southwestern sunsets to mind for an instant warm embrace. This deeper, browner tone of pink also makes a perfect companion for a bank of cream-coloured kitchen cabinets.

6. Royal Peacock Blue

If you’re all about avoiding neutrals, peacock blue offers a punch of jewel tones that are deep and saturated. No shrinking violet, peacock blue can be used to create a focal point on an island, or full-on top and bottom cabinets for more impact. With the allure of deep turquoise, this colour is not for the faint of heart as it demands constant attention.

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