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How to order glass for a cabinet door

Turn your new cabinet door facedown making sure you have a soft surface and measure the opening from the back of the door. Subtract 3/16 of an inch from both the width and the height to ensure that it will fit. This will give you the actual glass sizes you need to order from your local glass distributor. The thickness of the glass should be 1/8” if you want to install it with the rubber glass retainer included in your order. If you want to have a thicker glass you will need to use silicone for the installation. The rubber glass retainer that we provide is very easy to use because it will fit nicely into the grove that is precut into the back of the cabinet door. If you are having hard time too fit the retainer, we suggest stretching it previous using it. The use of silicone could be very messy if you are not familiar with it, that is why we recommend to order a 1/8” glass thickness for your project.
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