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Is kitchen cabinet refacing a good alternative?

The Kitchen is the most important room in your house for two main reasons;
  • You spend the most valuable time with your family and friends.
  • It is the room that influences at the most the value of your house.
When this room starts to look outdated the first thing you should take care is the kitchen cabinets. The total kitchen cabinet replacing could be a scary investment and a disruptive project. The kitchen cabinet refacing is a good alternative for three main reasons;
  • According to the size of your kitchen 40% to 60% in comparison to the total replacing could be saved.
  • It is a job that could be done usually in 3 to 5 day without being too invasive and allowing the use of the appliances; your kitchen won’t be off limit for several weeks or sometimes month like would be for the classic replacing.
  • The refacing option gives the possibility to save your granite countertop.
The kitchen cabinet refacing is not a good alternative when;
  • The inside of your cabinets (boxes) are worn out, cracked or rotten due to pipe leakage or spillages through the years.
  • The layout of the kitchen requires drastic changes. (Minor changes or adding extra cabinets like an island or a pantry are still possible with the refacing service).
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