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Kitchen cabinets…Reface or Replace?

People that need to do something to improve the look of their kitchen sometimes don’t even know that there is an alternative to replacing the kitchen cabinets that it’s not repainting them, and few that know about it are not sure when it is possible and worth it to do it. It’s easier to list when is not a good idea to reface;
  • If saving 40% to 60% compared to replacing it is not important for you.
  • If you don’t mind having workers in your house sometimes for several weeks.
  • The inside of your cabinets (boxes) are worn out, cracked, rotten etc.
  • The layout of your kitchen it is not working for you any more so you want to drastically change the configuration. (Minor changes or adding extra cabinets like an island or a pantry are still possible with the refacing service).