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What is great about DIY kitchen cabinet refacing

When selling, renting, or flipping homes, the Bathrooms and Kitchen are the primary focal points that one should ensure they are in perfect shape. In addition, to ensure that one gets perfect results and maximises the amount of returns from any project, sometimes it is important for individuals to work on their own, because of the high labour costs that are associated with most projects. Moreover, considering the amount of pleasure that is associated with doing a project individually especially when one owns a property with pride, it is necessary for individuals to do some projects on their own. Although most people argue that refacing an existing kitchen cabinet can save up to 60% as compared to replacing it from scratch in an endeavour to give an existing kitchen the look and functionality of a brand new kitchen, such sentiments never take into consideration the amount one can save if they complete the project themselves. Let us talk numbers with a real example: About two months ago Donna walked in to my Showroom and requested for a quote on how it will cost to reface her low grade; builder quality kitchen cabinetry. After she picked the door style, wood specie and stain, we set up an appointment and I went to visit her for a final quote. At her house when I told her that the total amount was approximately $5,600, her excitement faded because of her small budget. However, after explaining to her that if her husband had basic tools and two weekends to sacrifice, she could get her dream kitchen with only $2300, her excitement came back, as this was a dream come true to her. To achieve this, I promised her that, by following the step by step video they were going to get commendable results. After this DIY renovation their house’s value increased by approximately $2,0000; a value that is not bad for a two weekend sacrifice and $2,300 investment. Considering this, imagine if it was a bigger house and bigger kitchen; how much would they have saved? Personally, I have visited their home and I can attest that the kitchen looks amazing. One thing that really shocked me was the pride that both Donna and her husband Nick had on their face when they personally came to see me and invite me to their home. They portrayed a level of happiness that I have rarely seen in customers who have always hired us to do the entire renovation, regardless of how good their kitchen looked. Therefore, DIY Cabinet Refacing is one of the greatest ideas of our organisation.
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