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Do-It-Yourself Cabinet Refacing Kits

When you buy new cabinet doors to reface your kitchen cabinets you will dramatically improve the look of your kitchen. You can turn an old, dark kitchen into a bright, modern space and achieve the style and overall look you’ve been dreaming about. We offer cabinet accessories as well, so you can complete your look and get exactly the kitchen cabinets you want. Discover your options below.

Kitchen Cupboard Refacing

diy cabinet refacing
We offer more than just the cabinet doors. Consider your options among a wide range of mouldings, available in styles like classic, country and modern. Our wooden cabinet posts can help you achieve that gorgeous farmhouse kitchen look or something more timeless. Corbels can add the character you’re looking for, in the wood species and colors that match your new cabinet doors. Plus, we have the practical hinges you need to finish the project.

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Wood Cabinet Refacing

wood cabinet refacing
Wood is a classic, elegant material for your cabinets. Choose solid wood to get a longer lifespan from your cabinet doors. Even our painted doors have a solid maple wood frame, with an HDF center panel. You have various style options to choose from, including doors with timeless and modern bevels, or flat options in a wide variety of solid colours and stains. You can have a farmhouse-style kitchen with shaker doors, timeless flat doors finished in a warm Acadia white or off-white, or satin white for a bright white kitchen. Or, try something a bit more traditional with a classic raised panel door in muslin. You have a lot of different options when you choose DIY wood cabinet refacing, and they will last a long time, which is why selecting a timeless style is always a good idea.


Thermofoil Cabinet Refacing

Thermofoi; kitchen in black and white
Thermofoil is a great option if you want a more modern or contemporary look for your kitchen. Thermofoil is a very affordable material that also resists warping. Try something a little out-of-the-box by choosing a dark shade for your thermofoil cabinets, like portuna grey and high gloss black. These bold colours look great on the thermofoil slab doors You can also aim for a minimalist and trendy look in satin white. If your kitchen has another bold feature, like a unique countertop material, white thermofoil will keep the emphasis on that interesting feature.


Laminate Cabinet Refacing

Black kitchen in laminate
Laminate cabinets are affordable, but that’s not the only benefit they offer. High-quality laminate doors have an MDF or pressboard core provides that the durability you’re looking for. The exterior material won’t just be beautiful, it also can be stain-resistant, simple to care for, and warp-resistant. Laminate cabinets are available in a huge range of styles and colours. You can achieve essentially any style you’re looking for with laminate. Laminate doors will have their own color options different from the wood color options available, view our laminate colour options today.


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If you’ve been thinking of refacing your kitchen cabinets and want some help finding the right solution for your home, get in touch with the team at Cabinet Refacing To Go today.

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