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What makes a modern kitchen?

If you answered smooth surfaces, clean lines and neutral tones thermofoil cabinets could be the right option to provide your kitchen with all three! Thermofoil is a sleek option with a strong MDF core covered by a thin PVC vinyl veneer that will give your kitchen the low-maintenance update it needs. Would you like to know more about thermofoil cabinets? Read below to find out why choose them, what style and colours are available, and why you should trust Cabinet Refacing To Go with your order.

Why Choose Thermofoil?

Thermofoil has become increasingly popular in the past decade due to their affordability and practicality. It works very well with modern spaces and it is a great way to modernize and refresh the look of your entire kitchen.

There are many other benefits to thermofoil as well, including:

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The whole point of DIY cabinet refacing is to get great results without breaking the bank. Thermofoil is an affordable option that can help you stay on budget.

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Thermofoil won’t warp under changing temperatures.

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No one wants to make their kitchen harder to clean. The smooth surface of these cabinets is easy to wipe down whatever you spill on them.

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Style options

We offer thermofoil cabinets in a slab style with 5 different colours.

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Thermofoil is available in a couple different finishes. Choose glossy for a modern style, matte, or textured.

Thermofoil Colours

satin white thermofoil doors

Satin white

Ultra-white and ultra-smooth, this is one of the most classic and popular choices. Shop
portuna white thermofoil cabinet refacing

Portuna white

A textured white cabinet with light gray veins, perfect to contrast against other smooth surfaces such as countertops. Shop
grey thermofoil cabinet refacing

Portuna Grey

Much like the Portuna White, this option has a wood-like texture that can make your kitchen look very sophisticated in a dark grey colour.
highgloss white thermofoil cabinet refacing

White high gloss

This option is perfect for modern-contemporary spaces. It is a sleek, minimalist, clean-looking solution to allow for the other elements in your kitchen to stand out as well.
highgloss black thermofoil cabinet refacing

Black high gloss

This option may look intense but it can make a simple space look very sophisticated while making an impressive statement.

What kind of styles can you achieve with our thermofoil cabinets?

These cabinets are best suited for contemporary and modern spaces. Whether you choose smooth satin white for a minimalist kitchen, or a sleek black high gloss cabinet that lets brighter elements of the kitchen stand out, you are sure to transform your kitchen into a modern and sleek space.

Why Choose Cabinet Refacing To Go?

If you want quality, Canadian-made cabinets, then Cabinet Refacing To Go is the ideal choice for you. We can give you access to the trendiest modern materials while keeping your cost low. Spend your money on the quality of your cabinets and handle the installation yourself. Our expert team is standing by to help you finish your cabinet refacing if you get stuck. DIY cabinet refacing is simple with our help.

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