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Kitchen Backsplash Ideas with White Cabinets

kitchen backsplash with salt and pepper shakers

When you have new white cabinets, the world is your oyster. You can make other kitchen design choices that are very unique, just because the white cabinets offer a modern, stable, and neutral foundation for riskier choices. Kitchen backsplashes are one of the best spots to take a risk in the kitchen, so that’s what we’ll focus on. Here are 8 kitchen backsplash ideas with white cabinets to inspire you. 

1. Unusual Materials 

Ever considered a brick backsplash kitchen? How about one made with textured concrete? With plain white cabinets, you can take a lot of risks with your backsplash materials, beyond the usual tile options. Brick adds an industrial feel, and concrete can play into a natural, minimalistic look.   

2. Small, Unusually Shaped Tiles 

From hexagons to ovals, there is a whole world of unusually shaped kitchen backsplash tiles just waiting to be put into a kitchen with white cabinets. If you’re unsure if you’ll like a unusual tile, try to choose a smaller version of it. When you stand further away from it, the unusual shape will be less noticeable and it will look more like a texture.  

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3. Chess Board Backsplash 

A black and white kitchen backsplash is a bold statement that works perfectly with white cabinets. Black and white kitchen backsplash adds high contrast and drama, and even a little vintage flair depending on the shape of the tile. You can look beyond the traditional square, which looks like a chessboard, if you want to explore your creativity.  

4. Stars and Stone 

Combine the high-end look of stone with an intricate pattern, like a star, and you have a real winner for a backsplash. With so much texture and detail, you may want to keep this backsplash in a cream, slightly offset from the white cabinets. 

5. Vertical Boards 

That farmhouse look continues to dominate kitchen trends, and white cabinets play right into it. If you add vertical boards, painted white, as the backsplash, you’ll add significant country charm. Pair it with other white wooden accents, especially those with flourishes to add interest in the otherwise very white space. 

6. Subway Tiles 

Why not add a highly popular kitchen backsplash trend; subway tiles, but put a little spin on them? With white cabinets, you can afford to add a big dollop of colour with your subway tiles. Why not try a lime green, bubblegum pink, or deep blue? 

7. Stone Backsplash 

Few kitchen backsplashes give a kitchen a luxury feel like a single marble piece, and they work great with all-white cabinets too. 

Few kitchen backsplashes give a kitchen a luxury feel like large slabs of quartz or stone to match the material on your countertops. With nice flowing veins and pattern, you can continue along your countertop and up the backsplash.   

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