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When your cabinets need a new façade, wood cabinet refacing offers more elegance, flexibility and longevity than many other materials. Discover our wide range of wood cabinet options, why you might choose wood over other materials, and what styles you can achieve with wood below.

Why Choose Wood?

Does anything compare to the rich look of stained wood cabinets? With authentic grains and deep colours, there are dozens of wood options, and any one of them can add an air of elegance to your kitchen. Stained solid wood is highly durable, resists and hides scratches, and can be refinished down the road.

Wood Cabinet Options

We offer a variety of wood types with unique grains. Each species has its own stain and colour options to bring out the best features of the wood and give you wide style options.

alder wood cabinet refacing


Alder has a beautiful wide grain and is available clear or stained.


bamboo wood cabinet refacing


Bamboo has a unique grain with thin vertical streaks.


beech wood cabinet refacing


Beech wood has a classic grain pattern for traditional styles.


cherry wood cabinet refacing


Offers one of the widest stain selections including cinnamon and walnut.


maple wood cabinet refacing

Maple (finished)

You can get the most colourful options with stained maple, including Country Grey, Techno Brown, and Techno Grey.


unfinished wood cabinet refacing

Maple (unfinished)

Unfinished maple doors come to you ready to be stained or painted.


oak wood cabinet refacing


Oak is a sturdy wood with a heavy grain that is available clear or with a stain.


walnut wood cabinet refacing


A classic grain that works with traditional styles.


Wood Cabinet Styles

wood style cabinets

Beyond colour and grain, there is also the style of the cupboard door to consider. We offer wooden doors in four main styles: flat panel, raised panel, beaded and slab. Each has several options. For example, our raised panel doors can be classic, and timeless and most of our flat panel doors are shaker inspired and can be modern or transitional.

wood style cabinets

The overall kitchen styles that you can achieve with wood cabinet refacing are essentially endless. Create a rustic kitchen with red tones with Maple Dark Mahogany. Or, try something classic with beech doors in the classic raised style stain in walnut. Trying to create that gorgeous farmhouse kitchen? Try beaded doors in maple stained in New York. Or, go all-white with maple painted in Satin White.

Why Choose Cabinet Refacing To Go?

Cabinet Refacing To Go is dedicated to offering only Canadian-made cabinets. We have high-quality suppliers and select the best wood from our chosen species to create your cabinets. We offer the professional support that you need to get a great kitchen, without the high price that comes from installing them. Doing your own wood cabinet refacing has never been so simple.

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